E-Commerce for Small Business- Selecting the Best

E-Commerce for Small Business- Selecting the Best

In the traditional era, there was a requirement to have a physical location when planning on initiating a business. Whereas, the digital revolution has now allowed us to buy or sell goods and services with a few swipes on the screen. Mobile or social shopping is the trend that’s in. From ordering food online to booking a ride, E-Commerce platforms have made things simpler for both: the businesses and the customers.

For Small businesses or any other, selecting the best amongst thousands of E-Commerce platforms is indeed a daunting task. Therefore, it is essential to be systematic and organized when deciding on which platform to pick for your business.

Some features to look into:

Scalability: E-Commerce platforms usually tend to grow along with the number of available clients. It is significant to find a platform that matches your business need and does not make you follow an incorrect plan.

Cost: The cost of ecommerce platform varies from being free to costing thousands of dollars. Some of the platforms e.g. Shopify, allow users a 14 day free trial. Hence, it is significant to choose everything as per the requirement of your business and to consider the additional costs of add-ons, extensions etc. as well.

Speed: If you’re a business selling products for example makeup, you’ll want to post videos and pictures in order to engage your target audience. Slow-loading can cause customer involvement to deteriorate.

Shopify- an E-Commerce solution

With the presence of a huge number of ecommerce platforms, Shopify remains to be the best choice for small businesses. Its cost starts from $9 a month, with other plans having a price ranging from $29 – $300. These plans consist of additional features. The Shopify team also provides professional support with their blog posts.

With the help of Shopify’s ecommerce tool which is free, you can easily create the domain name and logo of your business. A 14 day free trial is also available for individuals who are not sure if it’s viable for their business. Along with this, there is a 24/7 helpdesk available for handling queries. You can set up your online store at Shopify easily and quickly. Moreover, you can also purchase an existing store from Shopify.

Stating facts, Shopify is not considered to be the least expensive when comparing it with other ecommerce platforms. However, Shopify allows every investment to be worth it.

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