Ecommerce Platform Your Small Business Needs

Ecommerce Platform Your Small Business Needs

There are plenty of enterprise ecommerce platforms to make your online store work effectively, these platforms have high costs and are actually designed for big firms. What about the startups and small businesses? Because of the high costs and the services that their business do not need right now, what ecommerce platform must small businesses choose for their store? Let’s discuss three of the most preferred ecommerce platforms for small businesses.


Shopify is recommended as the top ecommerce platform for startups since it conveys a total multichannel deals administration arrangement in one practical and simple to-utilize framework. Beginning at $29/month, Shopify gives merchants an online store with completely incorporated commercial center, social, and in-person sales-tools, in addition to worked in transportation names, stock following, email promoting, and substantially more.

Shopify is very easy to use and within minutes you can launch your online store. You can also run your online store through Shopify’s mobile integrated system, which is not offered by WooCommerce or volusion.

Shopify has a limited design and customization options unlike Woocommerce but offers more features than Volusion or any other platform for a small business.


WooCommerce is loved by the ecommerce group of WordPress, and powers around 40 percent of online stores around the world—and it’s no big surprise. This free module changes any WordPress site into a completely working online business store and gives you a chance to make any kind of site that you can devise. A committed retail facade, a blog with a store segment, multivendor commercial center, a blend of physical and partner deals—on the off chance that you can name it, you can presumably do it on WordPress with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce wins is terms of design customization and site functionality from both Shopify and Volusio however you are required to learn how to add in those features as it is not that easy. But once you learn how to work with WordPress and Woocommerce you can create the most desirable website you want at the cost of around $6.95.


Volusion provides some great sales features for small businesses. The highlight of Volusion is the assortment of its store themes. It is very user friendly and has a pop up adobe Creative Cloud tool to edit and crop images, make corrections or add texts if you like. Volusion and Shopify are neck-and-neck as far as simplicity of startup and utilize, and both soundly beat WooCommerce for new ease of use.

All the three platforms are great for small businesses, with a little more research one can create an online store one desires.

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