Enterprise Ecommerce Platform Options

Enterprise Ecommerce Platform Options

In simple words, Enterprise Ecommerce platforms allow large organizations to conduct business online. Enterprise Application is a software system designed to serve large business needs, the various departments of such a huge business is brought into communication with each other in a more effective way.

Enterprise software consists of a centralized, company-wide solution for finance, Ecommerce, and other business needs. This software is cloud-hosted and is useful for multi-location businesses because it is easier for distant departments to communicate with each other with its help.

5 Best Ecommerce Platforms

There are plenty of Ecommerce platform options but one must do their research in order to decide what software they should use according to their business needs. Some of the best Ecommerce platforms are as follows:

  1. Magento:

Magento is one of the most agile platforms and has a huge range of existing modules. It has the Open Source/ Community version which is free of cost and has most of the similar functionalities.

It has powerful built-in features when it comes to customer loyalty, marketing, customer experience etc.

Licensing Cost- Starts from $23,000 per year

  1. SAP Hybris:

 SAP ecommerce platform comes with multi-currency, multi-site, multi-language features that are spectacular and makes it ideal for retailers to have a strong presence internationally. It is often used for B2B projects because it allows management of complex data between multiple sites and catalogs.

Licensing Cost- Starts from $x00, 000 and can go to millions.

  1. Oracle ATG:

ATG is a powerful tool for substantial retailers. Its adaptable design enables traders to execute combinations and limit costs, while its multi-site usefulness enables organizations to oversee items, classes and resources between various online business stores. ATG has features for customer segmentation, guided navigation and search. It also has capabilities of built-in big data that lets you analyze the behavior of the shopper.

Licensing Cost- $500, 000

  1. IBM Websphere:

This tool is often chosen by the large retailers. It has four editions, Commerce on Cloud, omnichannel solution, Websphere Commerce Express and Websphere Commerce Enterprise. WebSphere is very flexible and allows merchants to sell across multiple channels.

Licensing Cost- Pricing varies with the type of product edition chosen

  1. Shopify Plus:

 Shopify has a huge number of retailers, it is known for its agility, ease-of-use, low cost of ownership. It has become a contender in the B2C businesses and has a great marketing for well-known brands.

Licensing Cost: Starting from $2, 000 per month

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